2016 szeptember - 3 megfelelő bejegyzés

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Crunch 2016

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  • Andy Cotgreave: The Beautiful Science of Data Visualization
  • Dan McKinley: Data Driven Products Now!
  • Jeff Magnusson: Engineers Shouldn’t Write ETL: Optimizing Data Science Teams
  • Mike Elsmore: NoSQL is a lie
  • Colin McFarland: Experimentation at Skyscanner
  • Sean Braithwaite: Mechanics of data pipelines
  • Jeroen Janssens: The Polyglot Data Scientist
  • Marton Trencseni: Data Science in Facebook Product Teams
  • Szilárd Pafka: No-Bullshit Data Science
  • Dirk Duellmann: Understanding the computing for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN
  • Mike Olson: Big Data in the Real World: Technology and Use Cases


  • Ben Yoskovitz: Product Management: Data + Guts
  • Wouter de Bie: Changing the tires of a moving car - Moving Spotify's Data Infrastructure from on-premise to Google Cloud Platform
  • Jonathan Magnusson: Data is King
  • Sergii Khomenko: From Data Science to Production - deploy, scale, enjoy
  • Alex Dean: Asynchronous micro-services and the unified log
  • Elena Verna: Pricing Page Optimization
  • Yash Nelapati: Behind of the scenes of Pinterest
  • Shirshanka Das: Big Data Infrastructure @ LinkedIn
  • Dharmesh Desai Creative Data Science Trends that Transform Marketplaces
  • Danny Yuan: Realtime Stream Processing @Uber
  • Michael Hunger: Enabling the Panama Papers Investigations with Open Source Tools
  • Casey Stella: Data Preparation for Data Science: A Field Guide