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Na ha már törünk mindent, akkor legyenek end-to-end / UI tesztek. Az utóbbi években történt a szerveren egy PHP verziófrissítés, aminek a változásait csak ímmel-ámmal követtem le (nem volt fókuszban a blog, de ezt nyilván észlelték akik követnek valamennyire). Most ránéztem újra alaposabban a site-ra, mert növelni akartam kicsit a reszponzivitást, és rájöttem, hogy egy csomó feature el van törve, meg én is eltörtem ezt-azt miközben ezt lefejlesztettem. Meg arra is ráeszméltem így sok év szünet után, hogy atyaúristen mennyi minden funkciót csináltam itt Ami mókás és örömteli felismerés volt. Úgyhogy elkezdtem playwright teszteket írni. Még nincs sok, mivel tegnap álltam neki.

Egyelőre egy külön privát github repóba tettem, szépen CI-ban futtatva, kapok emailt ha hasal meg minden. Később valószínűleg jobb lenne beletenni a blog főrepójába.

Van pár known issue, és azokat már úgy akarom meghegeszteni, hogy teszt is legyen rá.

Hát, nemtom meddig lesz erre időm, de most épp van.

RSS: hozzászólások ehhez a bejegyzéshez 49 hozzászólás - Szólj hozzá Te is!

Just deployed: Check if the comment finally appeared.

playwright, It would be nice if you wouldn't spam this page. Maybe I can do something about it at some point.

Tests for login, logout, comment modification,
reenable menu_categs (aka címkefelhő/kategóriák) & tests for basic navigation elements,
Responsive month listing on archive page,
Userinfo page was broken on localhost. Fixed & tests added.,
Refactor & speed up Playwright tests.,
Use boxed steps (…/box-test-ste…) + upgrade playwright,
Search for Comments didn't render + tests,
Search Users from Search Bar didn't work,
Gallery search fix,
User profile mobile rendering improved,
Gallery search layout handling improved a lot. Wow.,
Full width auto pic size gallery for mobile devices,
Full width auto pic size gallery for mobile devices part2

xdebug installed in docker. Tested with phpstorm, remote debugging does work. Click 'start listening for php debug connections' in phpstorm.,
Archive months: better layout,
Db55 is not needed anymore. Safer environment check.,
Well, this will deploy about 120 files… Good luck.,
This is a strange commit…,
Get rid of relative paths where possible.

playwright, Sometimes playwright fails without any reason

Limit trusted post link visibility in random gallery links + tests + sql improvements + css bugfix,
Internal page for deleted comments brought back from death. + refactor,
Run PHPStan on GitHub 11,
JS fix for Valasz link,
Hopefully resolved the duplicate Picture class misery by deleting the one in lib/… Scary btw.,
PHPStan level up

Gallery got better on mobile,
Let's have a try with unit tests on github,
Comments class moved to the new structure.,
phpstan enable,
Visitor class moved,
Move LogMan,
Removed super global all-in-one classloader

various refactors, mainly around inclusion of css/js, header rendering,
forced css reload on clients,
css precedency fix,
delete www & v3 stuff from 2010,
update composer, add rector,
add some types,
Move HeaderOptions to Uberblog

php-tests should die only in console.,
fixed - prod doesn't redirect in certain cases,
Archive months show how many items they have.

Archives got smarter - better selections, ability to select only month (without year) (so eg. You can see summer pictures for every year etc), some refactor. WIP, still some todo stuff. Correct the last line's rendering.,
testrun test fix?,
y2k10 bug fix ('csak képeket' funkció helyreállítása az archívumban),
archive months styling - who knows if it got any better…

Lett okosabb archívum, de már nem tudok bejegyzést írni róla, mert ki vagyok tiltva, túl későre jár

User avatar in menu. Profile/settings mobile friendly

CSS tuning, Archive: deleted posts management for Haszprus.,
Some tests for login, privmsg. Better redirect for some pages.,
Az archívumkategóriák mutassák a gyerekeikkel címkézett bejegyzéseket is

Monster commit.
Better Linkbar UI (avatars, grids, mobile-friendly).
URLChecker for LinkBar. Starting to deprecate non-working links.
(Needs some better checking because current curl solution is faulty.)
Autorunning jobs started to move to Maintenance namespace.
HFFactory eliminated in favor of DIContainer.
Huge fucking undetected potential DB connection bug resolved.
URL redirects debugged (htaccess mod_rewrite bug fixed)
PostQueue class introduced to handle queue related stuff instead of Posts class which was a bit huge.
Some unused methods removed from Posts.
DIContainer simplification (nice).
Environment class introduced.
.htaccess url rewrite bug disabled. (lol) (it would be good to find a new & working solution for getting rid of the trailing slashes in urls. Low prio.)
Tests got nicer.

Nicer auto post labeling. Nicer php.,
phpstan fixes,
faster bot ip handling, Sentry,
By Rector

SEO quick fix: small categories shouldn't have links to their archive pages.,
post auto labeling: add parent & grandparent labels too

version history update,
new smiley css,
enable Sentry on prod

Introduced various File types. In PHPStorm's refactor capabilities we trust (but we shouldn't).,
get rid of empty years,
DB query debug toolbar v0.1 + Huge Privmsg optimization wow,
csak bejelentkezve lehet csak honapokra szurni (evek nelkul), seo,
Párbeszéd-szerű komment layout,
playwright, hiszen ez remek!

b_datum like fixes,
Bookmarks experiment. Probably I'll delete this but I had to commit behind a feature switch.,
render templates with reflection,
phpstan fixes & delete bookmarks,
megy a kibaszott playwright,
admin for mobile

Update playwright. Yml,
css. Deprecated & more precise redirects,
logo for authors, better query logging,
phpstan should be green now,
redirect to the closest contentful year if given archive page has no posts,

mindet link on Archive page, better ArchiveMonths

phpstan & playwright fixes & some optimization & sql fix & deprecated verbose log format

playwright is happy, i can't believe it!
now maybe phpstan too?

Sticky footer, float and position absolute replaced by flexbox layout, min. Php for css minification (mainly for pagespeed insights to not serve separate files), 2021-22 removed from archived_months(), order of css inclusion changed, og:image provided, current month won't redirect in the archives (it can be empty & posts will come later during the month), temporarily disabled canonical url redirects for posts (TODO), playwright updated but won't run perfectly, github workflow reenabled.

Visitorlog megritkítás, error handling újítások

Kivezettem a képajánlót.

Playwright artifact upload disabled for now. Todo: reenable.

Better xdebug settings, better vardump, better logging
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Types for Container, Posts, Comments, Post, Comment, ContainerElement

Modified: Legnépszerűbb, Kedvencek

The post queue is working! Nem tetszik a Postok kezelese

Like frissítések, komment pixel szöszözés
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My margins are the best margins, i know margins very well


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